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ALPHA -FETOPROTEIN; Causes for increased maternal serum AFP during pregnancy

MAJOR CAUSES- ”TOLD” Testicular tumor Obituary (fetal death) Liver: hepatomas Defects (neural tube defects) ”Increased Maternal Serum Alpha Feto Protein”: Intestinal obstruction Multiple gestation/ Miscalculation of gestational age/ Myeloschisis Spina bifida cystica Anencephaly/ Abdominal wall defect Fetal death Placental abruption

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Epaxial muscles

“Ilove sex so so so much” illiocostallis, longissimus, spinalis (erector spinae) splenius captius, splenius cervicis (spinotransversalis) semispinalis, multifidus (transversospinalis, transverse process to spinous process)

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